The Cosmetic products market is filled with innovative ideas, the need to constantly renew approaches and a rare form of energy. This is what makes it so interesting and diverse.

The cosmetics market requires that brands maintain very high standards:

They must respond to consumer demands which have changed radically over time. Consumers are now more demanding, better informed, more aware of the environment and more concerned about their health.

These days they have access to a vast quantity of information from the specialised press, social media, influencers, etc. 

But at the same time the market must conform to a plethora of constantly changing regulations. Banned ingredients, reduced authorised content levels, changes to the commercial claims that can be used, etc.  

The effectiveness of a product must be clearly explained and scientifically proven. The ARPP’s (French Advertising Standards) ethical recommendations on the subject of advertising are also a complicating influence on the processes applied in product trials. 

All of these factors have made it essential that brand-names are able to call on the support of effective specialised professionals if they want to continue to exist and expand their business.


What do cosmetics brands expect from us?

  • The guarantee that the product in question complies fully with applicable legislation.
  • That the consumer can be reassured that the product they are going to use on their skin is safe.
  • That the consumer can be convinced of the benefits and effectiveness of the formulae.

COSMEPAR must push back the boundaries just like its clients.

COSMEPAR has built up its experience over time. The laboratory is designed around ensuring product safety for consumers. It has progressively consolidated its service offer and can now provide all available tests that verify that the product will be supported and meet its manufacturer’s claims.

Who are we?

COSMEPAR’s staff all highly skilled and educated: in the sciences (Doctors in sciences, toxicologists, biologists, technicians, etc.) as well as in medicine (dermatologists, ophthalmologists, odontologists, etc.). COSMEPAR assists its clients at every stage of their projects, covering the whole scope of the industry.


Our clients :

Historic brands, major international groups, Start-ups, Indie Brands, formulators, etc.

Each type of client receives expert support from COSMEPAR, who listens to their issues and takes their business stakes into account.  We guarantee all of the flexibility and agility that will be required to ensure that each project will be managed as efficiently as possible.

COSMEPAR aims to be more than just a partner; it will become a part of your project operating as if the project was its own.